What the Billing Office Wished the Clinical Staff Knew

July 12, 2019

The quality of billing work done at (or for your office if you outsource) has a huge impact on the hot topic of patient experience and probably more important the perception of competency at your office. Equally important to the quality of care at least in many patient’s minds, is how hassle free, fast and

Prior Authorizations

March 19, 2019

Prior Authorizations are a thorn in my side! Unfortunately, the hypothetical removal is awaiting approval. While many aspects of the healthcare system seem complex, confusing, and convoluted, Prior Authorization (PA) has become one the most frustrating processes, for patients and providers alike. What began as a system of checks and balances by insurance companies to verify medical

Building Your Practice’s Approach To Price Transparency

February 12, 2019

When hospitals recently were required to post all standard charges online, industry observers positioned the move as the latest example in a continued shift toward consumerism in healthcare. Accelerating the shift: growth in walk-in clinics and telehealth options that feature published prices; a proposed HHS rule that would require drug-makers to disclose list prices in

Patient Balances Under the New Short-Term Insurance Plans

November 20, 2018

The steady increase in the patient portion of bills over recent years has presented concurrent challenges to medical practices across the U.S. From over-stretched staff to frustrated patients to rising AR, the effects have practices scrambling to manage patient relationships and revenue cycles more effectively. Unfortunately, the challenges can only grow worse in 2019 with

You Are Not Immune: Large or Small Cyber Viruses Target All Size Medical Practices

November 1, 2018

Medical Practices often neglect security based on the misconception they are too small to be a target. While this thought process may have been true in the past, especially with respect to physical security, it is no longer accurate in the digital age. This is because attacks are no longer limited to the people or

The Low Expense/Big Payoff Idea You Haven’t Considered: Staff Wellness

October 25, 2018

As medical practices of all sizes are challenged with cutting costs while trying to retain staff in a newly-competitive labor market, a wellness program might be the last item on a long list of changes to consider. Look again. Our experience at Physician Interlink (PI), a revenue cycle management company, demonstrates that a simple wellness

Getting The Patient Balance Right The First Time

October 9, 2018

The Catalyst for Change A general pediatrics practice was experiencing a growing challenge in patient billing and collections. The patient portion of its bills had skyrocketed as insurance plans moved more services outside of wellness and subjected them to deductibles and coinsurance. At the same time, deductibles continued higher, presenting a constantly moving target for

How do you move your practice to its best future state?

October 3, 2018

Independent physician practices face one of the most complex revenue cycles of any U.S. profession, while operating within a larger industry that is among the most opaque, highly regulated and constantly shifting. For those hoping to lessen inherent challenges and improve cash flow without compromising care, outsourced management of their revenue cycle has become an

Allscripts™ PM VS. Athena Collector:

April 24, 2018

One of our small Allscripts™ practices recently made the decision to move to AthenaHealth, and Physician Interlink had the opportunity to assist in the migration and to continue to “do the work AthenaHealth does not do.” The practice, consisting of two physicians, has been a revenue cycle management client since the early 2000’s; first on