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Why Physician Interlink

Our proven performance has made us the trusted partner of choice for medical practices.
We have built an outstanding reputation by delivering superior client service for over 20 years

Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting

How we can make a difference in your medical practice?

We have the knowledge, training and expertise to do what a traditional medical billing company cannot:

  • Increase your collections. We guarantee that we can collect 96% of your contracted amounts.
  • Stabilize your revenue cycle.
  • Streamline your office operations.
  • Send you home at night with the peace of mind that someone else is taking care of business.

Fundamental changes to American healthcare are arriving at a faster and faster pace. Increased challenges and demands presented by technology requirements, changing reimbursement strategies and provider models, coupled with the already complex healthcare revenue cycle, require new solutions for medical practices to be viable in the future.

Your core competency is treating patients. Ours is making sure your business is financially sound and stable. If you’re trying to do both, it is very possible that the financial health of your practice is suffering and draining resources away from your clinical operations. Physician Interlink can handle your revenue cycle so you can be free to focus on the delivery of clinical care.

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    Revenue Cycle Management

    To help you sustain your practice, we can provide business office services on your system


    We provide credentialing services and project work including AR clean up, short term services and financial analysis

    Medical Prior Authorizations

    We can help you determine which insurance companies require PA’s for a service or device, obtaining the PA, and tracking all work done

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    Need help handling your revenue cycle to free up your time for clinical care?