Physician Interlink provides business office services for medical practices either virtually on your in-house server or on our hosted solution. We work with a variety of software packages, including Allscripts PM™, AthenaHealth and eClinical. 

How we are different

Founded two decades ago by a physician and an accountant, Physician Interlink understands your hopes, goals and challenges. You want to give your patients the best care, but you also want payers to reimburse you fairly and accurately in a timely fashion. We also understand a patient’s financial experience with your practice plays a large role in their satisfaction with the care you provide. So it is our goal to make the financial transaction as smooth as possible. We know the time spent on the front end of a claim assures fast and correct processing. We employ patient account reps with deep knowledge of insurance and a healthy dose of empathy. These reps are able to explain benefits and how or why a claim processed in a certain way so your patients feel confident that their claim processed correctly and they do owe the patient balance.

Not your traditional billing company

We recognized long ago that physicians would need and want to take advantage of electronic health record technology. We also understood that software brands would be front and center in the EHR decision for physicians.

Instead of going down the traditional path of putting practices on our existing billing system and then trying to interface with a myriad of EHR systems in remote locations, we chose to be a virtual billing company, working remotely on practice’s servers, wherever they reside. We are able to bring on new clients quickly and with very little disruption or cost to practices.

How we can make a difference in your practice

We have the knowledge, training and expertise to do for you what a traditional billing company cannot:

  • Increase your collections. We guarantee that we can collect 96% of your contracted amounts.
  • Stabilize your revenue cycle.
  • Streamline your office operations.
  • Send you home at night with the peace of mind that someone else is taking care of business.

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