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Physician Interlink was founded in 1998 by a practicing physician who saw that the trend in healthcare was toward lower and slower reimbursements and increased regulations, red tape and costs. After 20 years in practice, Thomas Moak, MD, realized that the financial transactions in healthcare were becoming too complex for him and his small office to handle on their own. Moak combined what he had learned from years of running his own practice with his experience on the contracting committee of a large urban healthcare system to create a business to give smaller practices access to the same technology available to larger practices, but at a more affordable cost and in a technologically friendlier manner. Physician Interlink, unlike traditional billing companies, offers a range of practice management solutions, virtually.

Executive Management

Mary N. Moak
Chief Executive Officer

Mary Moak is a financial, marketing and operations executive with 39 years experience in professional services. Her background includes working for Arthur Andersen, one of the world’s largest professional services firms performing financial audits of private and public companies in financial services, real estate, healthcare and manufacturing. She is a founding member of the firm’s marketing function.

She left Arthur Andersen to manage an internal medicine practice and a family practice clinic. She has been the CEO of Physician Interlink since 2000.

In today’s complex electronic healthcare world, Mary’s focus is on assisting clients enhance practice performance and profitability through the efficient use of technology and proven processes.

Mary graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS in accounting. She is a member of MGMA and HBMA.

Mary competes in US Masters Swimming as a member of Palm Beach Masters swim team. Her top finishes include medaling at 2018 Nationals in Indianapolis, IN and two top ten relay rankings. Her passion for wellness and fitness extends to her business, where she has implemented a wellness program and encourages employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and focus on self-awareness and relaxation.

Thomas E. Moak, MD

Dr. Moak, a retired internist with 22 years of experience in private practice, founded Physician Interlink in 1999. Active participation in managed care since the early eighties and leadership roles with organizations enabled Dr. Moak to develop significant practice management expertise.

His primary focus in founding Physician Interlink was to provide a level of expertise and economies of scale previously unavailable to smaller practices through a networked, sophisticated financial office function.

Dr. Moak received his BA and MD from Emory University. He trained in internal medicine at Atlanta’s Grady Hospital. He is a member of the American Board of Internal Medicine, AOA, ASIM, the American Medical Association, the Medical Association of Georgia and the Medical Association of Atlanta.

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