Practice Management Consulting


Our credentialing service includes populating, submitting and following up on credentialing applications for physician practices.

Reimbursement Analysis

Includes an analysis of your sources of revenue and the impact your insurance contracts and procedure mix have on your revenue stream.

Short Term and Carve Out Services

  • Accounts receivable clean up – with access to your practice management system and carrier websites, our AR experts can get your AR under control in no time.
  • Payment Posting Carve Out – Don’t want to outsource your entire billing process? Then outsource the daily and tedious process of payment posting.  We use a workflow to pass claims needing further work back to your office.
  • Benefits Determination – with so many high deductible plans today, more and more practices are attempting to collect from patient while they are still in the office.  We can set up a work flow based on our contracted amounts and train staff to talk to patients on what they will owe.

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