Allscripts™ PM Tune-Up

Do you know what’s in your Allscripts™ PM system? Are you using all of its medical practice management revenue-maximizing, cost-cutting, time-saving features? Would you know if you’re not?

Actually, now you can know – with Physician Interlink’s Allscripts™ PM Tune-Up.

Let us give you a fresh look at your Allscripts™ PM system. We’ll search specifically for important features your medical practice is not using, such as:

  • PM/EHR billing interface – gives you a total practice solution.
  • Electronic remittance auto payment.
  • Office manager claims management tool – lets you automate working unpaid claims and assure all are addressed.
  • Retool of insurance carrier maintenance – reflect your insurance contracts and provide the ability to enter fee schedules for each contract.

If we find you are not taking full advantage of features like these and others that can positively impact your bottom line, we can provide turnkey setup and training to get them working for you.

A Tune-Up With Results

As an Allscripts™ Certified RCM Alliance Network Partner, we have met the same criteria as Allscripts™ corporate trainers. Like them, we know what’s in the system and what the system can do. That knowledge plus our own experience with a wide range of medical practices enables us to provide you with real-world advice and solutions.